Social Service Professionals License Renewal Courses prepare you for successful license renewal!

New for Social Service Professionals!


      The online courses described in this website have been developed by professional educators to meet the license and certificate renewal needs of social service professionals in states that require approved points for worker license renewal.   Each course contains resources professionals will find helpful in day to day work environment.  

     Please review the courses on this main website. If you find any courses of interest, please check with your local administrator  license renewal approval of the course/s.  

     JAM offers an ever changing variety of courses spanning  many subject areas.  Courses are designed in four unit training modules and are offered for four college credit hours or 80 professional development points.

 Enrollment and fees:

 You do not enroll or pay any fees until after you successfully complete all coursework.  

 You only pay fees if you decide to submit coursework for college credit hours or professional development points.

 To receive college credit hours follow this process:

  1. Student chooses a JAM course/s and emails choice to JAM

 2. JAM instructor gives student access to the course/s

 3. Student successfully completes course

 4. JAM instructor sends the student's grade to the college

 5. Student contacts LCC by emailing Carol Rabig

  to complete enrollment

 6. Student pays enrollment fees

 7. Student's college transcript with 4 credit hours and grade becomes available to  student

 8. Student renews license :-)

 Please contact us if you have any questions.

 The instructor will help you with any questions you have during the time you work on a course and after you complete a course to get credits or points.

  The courses are self-paced and are designed as 6 week units of study.  However, if you have more time to devote to the course work, you may finish earlier than 6 weeks.

  To enroll in training courses (each worth 80 professional development points), contact Melanie Johnson at  Greenbush Online Learning.  


We look forward to welcoming you to class!!! 

For more information, email-

 JAM Education Official Website